Sarah Fowler

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, EMDR, ADS

I work with individuals of all ages to address concerns ranging from depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, PTSD. A majority of individuals I see reach out because they have tried to address these issues by using other means and have not been as successful as they had hoped. They are able to work through these and other issues to find a place of healing, balance and direction.

My experience includes over 12 years in the mental health field working with a range of individuals from young children to older adults. I have very specific trauma related training including EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) certification and have several years of experience working with complex trauma cases.

Sarah Fowler

Ami Gorsky

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, ADS

In my 27 years of providing counseling in both medical and private sectors I am firm in my belief that we all have the knowledge and ability to address the stresses that life can throw at us. However, sometimes because of extenuating circumstances our vision can become cloudy and we can lose our way. I work with individuals of all ages while practicing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Motivational Interviewing to reinforce the importance of healthy coping skills and problem-solving skills. I have received specialized certifications in grief/loss and traumatic loss in addition to figuring out how to maintain a life while managing a chronic illness or potentially life limiting diagnosis.

Ami Gorsky. Licensed Clinical Social Worker, ADS

Candace Brandenburg, MS, LPC

I work with individuals, from early adolescence to late adulthood, to address life transitions, anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, LGBTQ+ issues, self-image and self-esteem and grief. Through my career, I have conducted art therapy within the public school system, treatment communities, senior care communities, correctional facilities and within domestic violence shelters.

My personal approach is humanistic, offering a supportive atmosphere, creative discovery, authenticity and a person-centered experience. I specialize in art therapy and am applying to become a registered art therapist with the Art Therapy Credentials Board this year.

Our Practice

Our practice strives to make the counseling process as smooth and comfortable as possible from the initial contact all the way until your last session. The office is a warm and inviting space where you will be greeted with respect, care and concern.

44 East Spaulding Avenue Suite 14

Pueblo West, Colorado 81007

Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sat. by appointment only


" A welcoming, comforting therapist with 12 years experience in mental health. Sarah specializes in trauma therapy, but also works with children, adults and families providing her expertise to those struggling in various areas; i.e. depression, anxiety. She is also EMDR certified, and volunteers her time in her community. As a colleague and friend, I highly recommend Sarah to all."
"Sarah is very caring which shows in her style. The EMDR has been very helpful to me and has helped me challenge my thoughts so I can find more peace. I highly recommend this caring and professional counselor."
"Sarah is great! She provides good insight and helpful/practical ideas for how to handle situations and what to work on. She is easy to talk to and always professional. I would and have recommended her to others!"
"Sarah is a great therapist. I’ve gone to a few different ones, and Sarah is the best. She’s great when it comes to talking through things and giving tips on how to handle situations or anxiety. Sarah is the most available therapist I’ve had, she’s willing to schedule when you need and if she’s not able to she can recommend someone you can talk to in her place. I would definitely recommend going to her."
"I started counseling sessions with Sarah, and after the first couple of sessions, I started to see that this was a beneficial step I had taken to handle my grief and loss. Through the many difficult times, Sarah has been there to help me understand, vent and grow from my changed life. And most of all she has been a positive support for me!"
"Her office is close by and a positive place of refuge."
"The intake experience was simple and efficient. And she is always a phone call away."
"She is very flexible when it comes to making an appointment or when I need to reschedule it."
"Sarah has a compassionate heart that cares and understands my problems and needs! And has a vision for what I am experiencing and how I need to go about life to move forward and get through it!"